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Statement as of 2:59 AM MDT on July 24, 2014

... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

7-25 in 1934... a streak of 15 consecutive days of 90 degrees
        ranked 5th on the list of hot streaks. The record of
        24 consecutive days was established in the Summer of
13-5 in 2008... a streak of 24 consecutive days of 90 degrees
        shattered the previous record of 18 consecutive days
        established in 1901 and 1874. Ironically... no new single
        day record high temperatures were set in the month of July.
        In August however... a record of 104 degrees was set on the
        1st... and another record of 103 degrees was set on the 2nd.
        In addition... a record low min of 70 degrees was set on
        August 2nd.
18-2 in 1987... a streak of 16 consecutive days of 90 degrees
        ranked 4th on the list of hot streaks. The record of
        24 consecutive days was established in the Summer of
20-25 in 1965... heavy showers and thunderstorms doused Metro Denver
        with significant rain each day. Rainfall for the six days
        totaled 5.16 inches at Stapleton International Airport.
        Massive rainfall occurred on the 20th... 21st... and 25th...
        flooding streets and basements and causing streams to
        overflow. The heaviest rainfall... 2.05 inches... at Stapleton
        International Airport occurred on the 25th.
24 in 1896... heavy cloudbursts in the foothills west of Denver
        caused flash flooding on Bear Creek... Clear Creek... Golden
        Gate gulch... and Mount Vernon creek... resulting in a total of
        27 deaths. The downpour dislodged large boulders... one of
        which crushed a house. The heavy rain also caused a dam on
        Cub Creek to wash out... adding even more water to the flood.
        A wall of water as high as 10 feet flooded Evergreen and
        passed down Bear Creek... washing away many structures along
        the way. The flood crest produced 3 feet of water in
        downtown Morrison during the early evening. Flash flooding
        on Mount Vernon creek added to the flooding in Morrison.
        In Golden... the flooding washed out bridges on Clear Creek
        and on cresman and Tucker gulches and forced the closure of
        the Power Plant. In Denver... a thunderstorm produced hail
        of unknown size during the afternoon and rainfall of 1.23
        inches overnight.
      In 1958... a thunderstorm wind gust to 52 mph was recorded at
        Stapleton Airport.
      In 1965... heavy rain caused flooding on Clear Creek and Tucker
        Gulch in Golden and west Denver. Damage in Golden was
        estimated at 80 thousand dollars. Heavy rain south of
        Denver washed out temporary earthen bridges constructed
        following the June floods in Castle Rock... Littleton...
        Englewood... and Denver. Bear Creek in south Denver reached
        flood stage. A cloudburst on Cub Creek in Evergreen washed
        out bridges and roads. Heavy rain fell over all the Denver
        and Aurora areas... causing some flooding of roads... streets...
        and bridges. A man drowned in a flooded irrigation canal
        near Hudson. Heavy rain caused flooding of streets and
        roads in Blackhawk and Central City. Hail caused minor
        damage in Idaho Springs.
      In 1967... seven bridges were washed out along a normally Dry
        Creek bed south of State Highway 7 west of Brighton. One
        car was washed into the creek when a bridge gave way.
      In 1970... hail stones to 1 1/4 inches in diameter fell in the
        foothills of Jefferson County southwest of Denver.
      In 1971... Golf Ball size hail was reported in foothill areas
        of Jefferson County west of Denver. A funnel cloud was
        sighted in Aurora. Wind gusts estimated at 60 mph... hail...
        and heavy rain up to an inch in 15 minutes caused local
        flooding and some other damage in several areas of Metro
        Denver. Hailstones to 3/4 inch in diameter fell 7 miles
        southeast of Denver.
      In 1973... a thunderstorm wind gust to 52 mph was recorded
        at Stapleton International Airport where one inch diameter
        hail was measured.
      In 1981... strong winds downed a power line in northeast Denver.
        Wind gusts to 50 mph were recorded at Chatfield Reservoir.
      In 1987... 3/4 inch diameter hail fell 5 miles northeast of
        Commerce City.
      In 1996... hail... up to 1 3/4 inches in diameter... fell at
        Chatfield Reservoir. Hail to 3/4 inch in diameter was
        measured near Bennett.
      In 2000... lightning struck near two golfers at Ute creek Golf
        course near Longmont... knocking them to the ground. The
        men received only minor injuries.
      In 2001... lightning from a thunderstorm knocked out electrical
        power to about 1500 residents in the city of Denver.
      In 2004... a chilly day with fog and thunderstorms resulted in
        two temperature records. The low temperature of 49 degrees
        was a record minimum for the date. The high temperature of
        only 58 degrees was a record low maximum for the date.
24-25 in 2003... maximum temperature of 100 degrees on the 24th was a
        record high for the date. Low temperature of 73 degrees
        on the 25th was a record high minimum for the date.

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